Vidii Uses Video To Make
Chatting Fun Again

There are over 1,000 vidicons (shortvideo clips that replace text and emojis) and new ones addedconstantly in the What’s On stream so
you can literally express every emotion
in full HD video and sound.

Same Free Messaging…
Lots More Fun

Don’t know how to say it, let Ryan Gosling or 
Sandra Bulock, even the Hulk say it for you. Text and emojis are boring. Using your favorite
characters to say it exactly as it needs to be said is so much more fun and faster.

Discover New Movies
And Shows

Scroll or search the What’s On stream to sample movies and shows you haven’t seen or to remember lines you loved. See something? Find out what it is and even stream it immediately on your device. It’s like an infinite stream of content to chill.

Create Your Own Vidicons.
Become A Star.

Easily create vidicons with full sound and resolution using your phone or computer. Make videos from movies and shows or get you or your friends in front of the camera telling it like it is or acting out. Record, edit, and post for you, your friends, or the whole Vidii community to watch and use to chat around the world.

Share Your Thoughts

Use vidicons in your Facebook and Twitter updates to express your thoughts further or to simply add a little fun and color to what you have to say.

Oh Snap!!

Ever needed a good comeback to something someone said. Quickly find a SnapBack and BAM…win the glory.

Is It Free? Of Course!

Instant message with your friends as you like to with 1-on-1 and group chat (beta). Vidii currently works on Android and iOS phones.