I uploaded a vidicon but it only appears under my feed on What’s On?

  • That is great you uploaded content. Keep it up. Anything you upload you have the ability to view and send to your friends. However, vidicons tat go into the Public and Friends feeds are reviewed to make sure they are clips that can be used to replace text or express an emotion in a chat by others. We want Vidii to continue to be the most expressive and fastest way to chat so though we try to be liberal with our review during this beta period, we want everyone to have a great experience watching and sending content that matches every mood.

I am using an iOS device and am not receiving notifications

  • Check your application setting in the Settings on your device to make sure you have authorized the app for notifications. This is under Notifications: badges, sounds, banners section. Another possible cause could be if you created multiple accounts on the same device. In this case, your device won’t know to which user account to send the notifications. In this case, you will have to contact support@vidii.co and specify which account you would like removed.

I’m not able to find content from my favorite show

  • That is exactly why we created Vidii and made it so you can post what you like. Thought we add content along with our users like you, not everything is available yet so this is your chance to establish yourself as a start on Vidii. Create it, upload it, and use it along with everyone else if you want.

Some of the vidicons don’t have links to the full content

  • Yes, not every vidicon has a direct link to the full content. We are trying very hard to set every vidicon up with direct streaming but sometimes that isn’t possible. A couple of reasons this can happen is the content isn’t available online or users that created the content didn’t provide a direct link. Our goal is to enable every vidicon loaded with direct streaming information and count on our Vidii community to help us with that because after all its your playground.