The smiles all begin
with you

We genuinely believe in the idea of helping impoverished kids to be safer and happier by doing something
we all already do, like watching a movie. With every movie you rent or buy through our apps,
our MoviesGiveTM program donates a third of our profit to buy TheShoeThatGrows
www.theshoethatgrows.org for kids in need.

How it works

Over 1.5 billion people suffer from soil transmitted diseases worldwide. Without shoes, children are especially
vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death.

Children who get sick miss school, can’t help their families, and suffer needlessly. And since children’s feet grow
so quickly, they often outgrow donated shoes within a year, leaving them once again exposed to illness and disease.
TheShoeThatGrowsTM can change all that.

We offer you the ability to rent movies through our Smart TitleTM links for the same prices (we don’t charge you more)
from our media partners Apple, Amazon, and Fandango. We directly donate to this program with a third of our profits
from movie rentals and purchases to provide shoes to school age children throughout the world.

We proudly support their social entrepreneurship model through the world of entertainment

Don’t Need To Rent A Movie
But Still Want to Help…

Donate directly to TheShoeThat GrowsTM www.theshoethatgrows.org