Reimagine your keyboard and
do some social good

Ever thought about your humble keyboard – a small tool that is an integral part of our lives; helping us
connect with the remaining world by empowering us to write and share texts.

At Vidii, a young start-up, the keyboard is much more than a tool for typing and sending messages.
It is a vital part of our lives – that enables connections between humans – and, therefore,
we are deeply committed to revolutionizing the keyboard in a rapidly evolving world.

We started out with a fun app for iOS users. In case you are an iPhone user, the app allows you to explore
and share a wealth of movie clips to express yourself better in just a tap!

Why is Vidii different?

You’d think you already have an app for texting; so why download another. Simply because it lets you explore thousands of movie and video clips, integrate them into your conversations and even rent those movies and clips to watch on your favorite devices at your convenience.

Think about those gifs you often add to a text – don’t they add immense value to your conversations? Now imagine if you could choose your gifs from your favorite movies with an opportunity to earn free rentals and also give back to those in need…too good to be true? It’s just Vidii for you!

Get over the regular keyboard and use the Vidii keyboard to make your favorite movie clips a part of your regular conversations. In just a tap, incorporate latest gifs in your chats, search thousands of movie clips and learn more about them.
Just by using the gifs that you find through Vidii, you can earn free movie rentals. Yes, earn points for sending gifs to your friends on Vidii that you can redeem to watch the movies that we offer through our platform.
Experience the joy of giving by being a part of our MoviesGive program. Donate shoes to underprivileged kids whenever you rent movies at regular prices through our platform. Who said it isn’t possible to do good and have fun at the same time?
Vidii is a team of young developers who seek your help to take the app to platforms other than iOS and further refine the idea. Unlike IT giants, we don’t have deep pockets nor do we have any venture capitalists supporting us. We are looking for fun, creative movie lovers like us to expand Vidii to additional platforms and drive usage because the whole world needs a laugh nowadays. Send us a message and introduce yourself. We'd love to chat!!

Be the change! Join Vidii. Send clips, have fun and do good.